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Tippy Toes Dance Camp - a half-day camp for little dancers age 3 & 4 by the date of camp. The dancer will participate in a variety of rhythmical activities, explore body movements, developing body awareness and learn basic locomotor skills. Dates are: June 23 - 27  from 9:00am - 11:00am. Call 723-7402 to register (no later than June 5)

Shake It Up Dance Camp - a half-day camp for little dancers ares 5 & 6 by the date of camp. Camp will will consist of beginner instruction in ballet, jazz and acro. No prior dance experience is required. Campers will also do fun dance activities / games as well as crafts. Dates are June 23 - 27 from 1:00pm-4:00pm.  Call 723-7402 to register (no later than June 5)

Grace-n-Groove Summer Dance Camp - Ages 7 - 9. A day camp where students learn ballet, jazz, and acro technique as well as learn/perform a dance in each style.  They will also do crafts, fun dance activities/games and other dance related "behind the scenes" stuff. Dates are July 14 - 18 from 9:00am-4:00pm. Please call 723-7402 to register (no later than June 5)

Junior Dance Express Camp Week - For young dancers (entering Grade 4 & Up) that show a more serious interest in dance, may we recommend the Junior Dance Express Camp intensive.  July 21 - 25 from 9:00am- 4:00pm.  This fun-filled week will help the dancer explore and begin to achieve the dancing skills needed to become a future Company member. It will give the dancer an insight as to the dedication and discipline required for the competitive scene. Audition to be in the Company is optional - each dancer will receive an evaluation and recommendation. For more information, or to register by July 1st, email

726 - 2111
*Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Acro ~ All Ages*


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Linda Dies' Dance Unlimited is a Competitive and Non-competitive studio focusing on technical strength, personal morale, and the arts located in Warren, PA.

Mission Statement:
To create a positive atmosphere full of opportunities for dancers to grow, learn and explore artistically and personally. Each student is encouraged to set the pace and directions that works best for him or her, and will be challenged to achieve personal and attainable goals through hard work and dedication, and to create memories to treasure forever.

The classes promise to be fun and exciting for the children, with high standards of quality dancing. I also promote and endorse the Ophelia Project and their beliefs and values at the studio. Throughout the year several Notes plus a monthly Newsletter will also be given to the students and posts to this website to keep everyone informed of various activities at the studio and important information.

If you have any questions, feel free to call (814-726-2111)  or email at .

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